Young Adults

To Be a Young Adults Ministry that is connected with a life-giving God in constant touch with the local body and committed to reaching out to others.

To meet the needs of Young Adults, in such a way that meaningful relationships can be developed within the Body of Christ. We are committed to having fun while developing ourselves and staying connected in an ever-shifting world. We want to offer 18—26-year-olds the awesome opportunity to use their gifts, talents and skills to help other young people while receiving similar benefits such as love, care, and generation-specific attention in a Godly, safe, and understanding environment.

We want to see young adults do ministry with passion, excellence, and joy; finding their destinies in God. Inspired by the word of God.

We desire to connect youth and young adults to one another in love, service, communication, and partnership – with one another, within our body, from church to church, teaching them to be in this world, not of this world.

We want to support young adults with encouragement, advice, training, and resources in seeing their ministry and vision for the own life come to pass. Giving them the confidence and security of knowing their empowerment comes from God.

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