Grow Groups at The River are small groups of believers and pre-believers who meet together on a regular basis.

The vision of Grow Groups is:

  • For the older in faith to disciple the younger.
  • For the purpose of iron sharpening iron,
  • And to provide a family atmosphere where each individual can know and be known, love and be loved.

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Pathways is a three-week class with the sole purpose of helping newcomers to get to know The River a little better. Connect, Grow, Produce. These are the three elements that we believe are vital to becoming a growing and thriving member of the Body of Christ. Our Pathways class offers the information and experiences necessary to help you discover and develop your redemptive purpose.


The subject of water baptism in the scriptures is probably one of the most studied, yet the least understood of all the doctrines of the New Testament Church. We modern day Christians tend to complicate the simple in order to impress others. The goal of this booklet is to simplify the concept of baptism so that anyone who is thirsty for a relationship with Jesus Christ would be able to follow and obey what He has commanded.


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